Here are some of the comments that helped “make our day”


The residential renovation and remodeling business can be one of the most detailed businesses in the world, with a complex set of relationships and emotions involved in a project. Good communications are crucial, and we want to put forth every effort to make sure we stay on the same page with our clients throughout the course of a project. When it’s all over, we want to part friends, and welcome your referrals.

In the building of this web site, we actually solicited comments from our clients asking them to describe this relationship, their experience with Quality Home Repair (QHR), and their attitude about the quality and performance of the work after the completion of their project. Here are some of the comments that helped “make our day”, and reconfirmed our dedication to this business:

WHOLE HOUSE RESTORATION PROJECT – New Orleans (Uptown Neighborhood)

“QHR did lots of work for us following Katrina, when we needed construction and repair help in a variety of things in our water and tree-damaged house. They are trustworthy, knowledgeable, honest, skillful, user-friendly, and reasonable in scope of work and price. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone who needs repair or reconstruction on residential property. Their own crew’s work is efficient and good quality, and when they have to employ subcontractors, they are competent and efficient.”
— Tom F. – Uptown, Louisiana

WHOLE HOUSE RESTORATION PROJECT – New Orleans (Uptown Neighborhood)

“Quality Home Repair of LA and Steve Wobbema worked with our family in a comprehensive remodeling of my wife’s family home located on Audubon Street in New Orleans. We found Steve great to work with. Steve is a true professional in every sense of the word. With all of the challenges of working with an 85 year old home, we found Steve’s experience and knowledge of construction invaluable. Steve quoted a fair price for the work involved and when ‘hidden’ things came up, as they always do in a remodeling project, he treated us fairly and honestly. He stayed on the job until it was finished and completed it in a timely manner. We would recommend Steve to anyone doing a remodeling project.”
— Dale M. – Uptown, Louisiana


“We came back from Nashville, where we evacuated, to find our New Orleans home flooded shortly after Katrina. We had a difficult time securing contractors, but we knew we wanted a local firm. We found the bid from Quality Home Repair to be fair and, after talking to Steve Wobbema, we were satisfied they would get the contract. They showed up on time as promised and stayed until the work was finished. We were totally satisfied with the workmanship and the completion of the contract without a lot of “extras”. At a time when most contractors were price gouging and insurance not paying fair prices we found the right company. I guess they intend to be in business for a while.”
— Dan & Ginnie R. – Kenner, Louisiana


“Several month ago I used Quality Home Repair to renovate my kitchen. Mr. Wobbema was prompt, professional, easy to get along with and very accessible. He had several good ideas as to what I could do with some problem areas. All were implemented and worked out well. His crew was also dependable and easy to work with. I was very pleased with their work and had them do another job after the kitchen was complete. I have another project to do in the near future and would not hesitate to call Quality Home Repair.”
— Cheryl S. – River Ridge, Lousiana

WHOLE HOUSE RESTORATION PROJECT – New Orleans (Lakeview Neighborhood)

“Thanks to the Quality Home Repair team on a job well done with remodeling my home — both before Hurricane Katrina and after. I used Quality Home Repair to remodel a bathroom before the storm and was very impressed with the final product. Steve and his team provided lots of great suggestions and support, which helped to make my first major home remodeling project a huge success. After Hurricane Katrina, Quality Home Repair contacted me to see if they could help with rebuilding — and of course, I said yes. The team was even more helpful with this project as I moved to Virginia after the rebuild process was started. I don’t think I could have trusted any other company to coordinate the rebuild without me being on-site. Again, Steve and his team did an excellent job of coordinating the rebuild and keeping me informed of progress. I received great advice on how to build a laundry room inside the house without having to perform major construction. I’m told the finished product was great — I didn’t get to see the house once it was completed. Because the workmanship was done so well, the house sold before I could return to New Orleans to see it. The comment from the buyer was the house was definitely the highest quality rebuild on the market in his price range at the time. Thanks again to Quality Home Repair for all of the big things (and little things — like purchasing house numbers and putting them up for me) you did to help me get my house rebuilt. It certainly was a relief for me to know that my rebuild was being handled by the extremely capable Quality Home Repair team.”
— Michael H. – Lakeview, Louisiana


“To say that that we are completely satisfied with Quality Home Repair of LA is not a stretch but an understatement. After less than stellar performances by three different contractors, Quality Home Repair of LA turned our home renovation project completely around. We were given a detailed estimate with no hidden surprises. The project was finished quickly and the workmanship was impeccable.”
— Bill & Allison F. – Metairie, Lousiana


“Steve and his wonderful crew from Quality Home Repair made it possible for me to return home with my children 6 months following our Katrina flooding. Among their best assets were Steve’s thorough and creative approach to both the renovation and mold remediation needs, and his clear, professional business practices for the contractual agreements and billing statements. I received good quality work for a fair price. In the event of future home repairs or renovations, I would not hesitate to use Quality Home Repair as my first choice!”
— Betty L. – Metaire, Louisiana


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